My Babysitters Club Kimmy Granger Kimmys College Fund 2016

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My Babysitters Club Kimmy Granger Kimmys College Fund 2016

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Mr. Rock walks in after a long hard day at work to see his babysitter
Kimmy bending over and he cant even believe how hot her ass is. His jaw was little open with awe for more than a minute.
While his eyes are glued to Kimmy, out of the corner of his eye he spots a cute notebook he has never seen before.
He picks it up, opens it, and finds out its Kimmys babysitting college fund log!
Mr. Rock being the generous man he is decides to leave $100 in there, without telling Kimmy, but oh boy did she notice.
A few days later after Kimmy finished fun time at the pool with Mr. Rocks son, she goes and confronts him about the money.
She explains how his donation from the previous day will cover todays babysitting, and also she wants to express her deep seated gratitude for the generosity, so she start giving him a super hot BJ until the babysitter club calls, and explains that she is needed for an urgent appointment.
Looks as if this one will have to be cut short, but Kimmy promises to make it up to him.
The next day Mr. Rock calls for Kimmy again, but on some sly shit.
He sent his son to another babysitter so he could have the whole house for him and Kimmy.
He whips out a huge stack of cash, and Kimmy knows what to do from there.
She rides Mr. Rock until he gets his every pennies worth, and sucks his man goo down like a proper babysitter should. Considering how much he has donated to her college fund at this point, Kimmy was sure to pencil him in as a VIP for his next scheduled appointment.
Scene contains hardcore oral and vaginal sex.
Positions included are missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.
Scene ends in a facial.

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