MOFOS Lab Kristen Scott Cheating Wife Gets Punished 2018 HD .


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MOFOS Lab Kristen Scott Cheating Wife Gets Punished 2018 HD .

MOFOS Lab Kristen Scott Cheating Wife Gets Punished 2018 HD .

Kristen Scott husband catches his wife cheating on him with another man’s dick, so he decides to punish her with his own!
Tying her up to a metal bed rest, she thought they were going to have some kinky fun.
Finding her wedding ring in a drawer had Kristen feeling guilty and lost for words.
Saying it was a mistake and she was sorry, he reminded her that she likes him being forceful.
As she was tied and lying on her stomach, off came his belt as he started to crash it down on her ass.
Then forcefully finger fucking her, before fucking her, still tied, doggy style on the bed.
Both sounded as though they were ready to cum and so changed positions and with him now flat on the bed it was her turn to please him.
Although he had a big, fat cock he made sure she deep throated him, forcing her face down deep on his big cock.
Holding her long hair he fucked her mouth now, making Kristen Scott gag and dribble all the more.
Sitting on his cock now and once more he fucked her heavily making her scream as his cock slid deeply into her.
Legs and feet tied now, lying flat on her stomach he again fucks her mouth, all the while holding her head still, only stopping as she gagged and dribbled out onto the saturated pillow.
This all ended with another fucking session, again him lying on the mattress while she sat on top of him, the belt around her neck and slapping her ass all the while.
It ends in the missionary position again, a deep and heavy session as he finally withdraws and Kristen knells in front of him, gladly excepting his shooting cum.
Lucky to have been forgiven, he gives her back the ring, with a final warning..

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